SS Keewatin Tour & Smokestack Lunch

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~~SS Keewatin Tour and Lunch at SmokestackThurs July 24   11:15 Tour with lunch to follow$25 eachTickets at Askennonia Senior CentreEnjoy a tour of the Keewatin with ribs, sliders, chicken, salads & drinks lunch after at the Smokehouse, right at the Keewatin.  There are picnic tables & umbrellas if the weather is good.  Our lunches will be ready, buffet-style, when we finish the tour.  If the weather is not the best, you can order a more specific lunch-to-go that will be ready when you finish the tour and either come back to the Centre or take it home to enjoy. WE NEED TO PROVIDE NUMBERS TO KEEWATIN VOLUNTEERS AND STACKHOUSE ASAP SO PLS GET YOUR TICKETS SOON. Captain Rick is giving us an excellent deal.  Regular tour would cost $20, and we are getting full tour and huge sampling of what the Smokestack offers for $25!!  If you can drive others or need a ride, pls sign up at the Centre.Call us at 705-526-7609 for more info.  ALL WELCOME!