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Askennonia Senior Centre’s

Annual General Meeting AGENDA

 August 19, 2022  - 10:30 am on zoom

Opening of the 34nd AGM for year end 2021 - President Mike MacRae 

Executive Director’s Annual Report - Judy Contin 

Proposed to membership on August 19 2022 AGM. 

This statement is required by the Town of Penetanguishene for Askennonia to be considered as a charity for participation in the fundraising at Delta Bingo. 

“If the organization should dissolve, Askennonia will be liable to provide a distribution of the organization’s assets and property held or acquired from proceeds of licensed lottery events (i.e. lottery trust accounts or property purchased with lottery proceeds) to charitable organizations that are eligible to receive lottery proceeds in Ontario.”


Secretary’s Report – Marisa Esposito or alternate 

Approval of the Minutes of the 2020 AGM held Nov 23, 2021 – attached


Treasurer’s Report – Ruth Hackney or alternate 

Adoption of the Audited 2021 Financial Statements as circulated 

Appointment of KBFP LLP CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS as auditor for 2022. 

Nominating Committee Report – Donna Campbell 

President – Mike MacRae 

Vice President – Ruth Ann Jeannotte 

Treasurer – Barbara Girard 

Secretary – Patti Seguin 

Members at Large 

Nedra Devenyi, Esther Lauzon, Sharon Anderson, Pat Schofield, Kimberly Dusome, Anne Dean 

Nominating Committee Reps 1. Christel Schafer 2. Donna Campbell 

Approval of Nominating Committee Report for 2022/23 – Donna Campbell 

President’s Report – President Mike MacRae 

We welcome Esther Lauzon, Patti Seguin and Anne Dean to the Board of Directors. 

Many thanks to Herb Proudley, Ruth Thompson and Marisa Esposito for their service to the members of Askennonia Senior Centre. 

New Business – President Mike MacRae




PRESIDENT: MIKE MACRAE: Welcomed everyone to the 33rd  AGM meeting



SECRETARY:  Marisa Esposito presented the minutes for the AGM of October 20, 2020; MOTION to approve minutes: Kim Dusome: Seconded, Marilou Armitage;  MOTION CARRIED

TREASURER REPORT: Ruth Thompson Presented audited financial report for the year end 2020 and motion to adopt the report: Ruth Thompson; seconded Pat Schofield; MOTION CARRIED

APPOINTMENT OF KBFP LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants as auditor for the 2021 fiscal year end for a fee of $6,500 plus HST: motion to appoint auditor: Ruth Thompson; seconded Mike MacRae; MOTION CARRIED 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR 2022-2023: Christel Schaefer and Donna Campbell  

Board positions: President: Mike MacRae 

Vice President: Ruth Jeannotte                                                                                                        

Secretary: Marisa Esposito                                                                                                                       

Treasurer: Ruth Thompson                                                                                                                         

Members-at-Large: Pat Schofield, Nedra Devenyi, Herb Proudley, Sharon Anderson, Kimberly Dusome, Barbara Girard

Larry Smith and Ruth Brown are stepping down from the Board and we would like to thank them for their service. Motion to accept Nominating Committee Report: Mike MacRae; Seconded Pat Cowden;   MOTION CARRIED


NEW BUSINESS: Judy Contin: Ontario has updated the rules for not-for-profit corporations under the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act 2010 (ONCA) that came into effect October 13, 2021. We would like to be prepared for the changes that may apply to Askennonia by requesting the approval from the members to waive the audit in favour of a review engagement. Motion to Approve to Waive Audit in favour of review engagement: Mike MacRae: Seconded Gerry Peters; MOTION CARRIED

MOTION TO ADJOURN; Pat Schofield; Seconded; Herb Proudley; MOTION CARRIED                          

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