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Askennonia Senior Centre in Midland has been encouraging local people to exercise body, mind and spirit for over 30 years.  ‘Askennonia’ is a Ouendat greeting, that means Peace, Wholeness and Well-being.  What started with 75 charter members and two or three weekly programs, such as, a foot clinic and bridge game, has grown to an organization with over 1250 members and 50+ weekly educational, recreational and social programs ranging from badminton to book club, tai chi to line dancing, pickleball to singing, watercolour to ukulele playing and quilting to Zumba.  There’s always something happening for you at Askennonia!

All Askennonia programs provide some form of physical or mental benefit.  For example, singing in the choir improves posture, exercises the lungs and heart, increases both oxygen and pain-relieving endorphins, reduces stress, improves sleeping and strengthens your core, thereby improving balance.  Listening to the Choir or Country Jam performers or Ukulele players diminishes pain, improves mobility, coordination and cognitive abilities and is just plain fun! 

There are several opportunities every week to improve or maintain physical health.  Some programs are more suited to individuals with good mobility, but most can be enjoyed by people of all ages and mobility levels.  Check in our newsletter for short descriptions and if in doubt, always check with your physician prior to participation.

Learning new skills, hobbies and games and attending parties and events where you are likely to make new friends is good for the heart and soul.  World Health Organization has determined that having social connections and keeping active socially is the major contributor to longevity. 

Most of Askennonia’s 50+ weekly programs are designed for members, but several are opened to the public.  All special events and bus trips are open to everyone.  Askennonia membership is $50 per year and that fee is prorated after mid-August.  Subsidized memberships are available if membership is difficult.  Call 705-526-7609 Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm if you would like more information about Askennonia Senior Centre, where healthy aging never gets old!

A Look into the Past
Our Beginnings
A Look into the Past
A Look into the Past
A Look into the Past
A look into the Past
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