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Watercolour Painting with Adele Partington


TUESDAYS @ 1 pm - 3 pm STARTING October 17 to January 16 (12 weeks)

Cost $170 includes lessons & all materials necessary

The watercolour beginner class will allow you to learn the fundamentals of watercolour from scratch, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You will begin with an overview of the materials for success, followed by classes on basic techniques, colour mixing, wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet techniques, and creating soft edges. You will learn how to fix mistakes and when to just let the water do its thing. You will finish the course with your own collection of paintings including still life, landscapes, flowers and animals.

Adele has been teaching watercolour online, as well as at Askennonia and the Barrie Art Club. She is a member of the Tiny Art Collective, the Bala Plein Air Group, International Watercolour Canada and exhibited at the Coldwater Studio Tour, Honey Harbour Art Hub, Tiny Township Art Tour, and has art in local businesses in the Simcoe and Muskoka area.

Watercolour Painting with Hazel Ferry


This class is not designed for beginners. It's a large class, with most folks having painted for quite a while. The class works on a project together, along with Hazel and creates beautiful pieces. People who have attended Adele's beginner session are welcome to attend.

Register at reception with payment. Limited spots available.

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